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Please note: no further updates are being performed on our database, starting January 6th 2021.

There are currently 57 operational breweries in Romania that are small (under 5000 hectoliters per year) and independent. However this is a number that is set to rise, so be sure to check back for regular updates!
For the list of gypsy and contract brewers, have a quick look-see over here

Alba county:
Bere Gloria/ Bere cu Miere

Arad county:
Atelierul de Bere Zimand

Argeș county:
Berăria Pardon
Rock & Beer

Mustața de Bere

Bucharest and Ilfov county:
Algoritm Brewing
Amistad Beer

Amon-Ra Brewery / Olovina
Anagram Brewery
Beast From The Yeast
Bere București
Carol Beer
Clandestin Beer
Fabrica Grivița
Ground Zero
Hop Hooligans
Ironic Beer
Oriel Beer
Patos Beer
Plan Beer
Three Happy Brewers

One Beer Later

Caraș-Severin county:
Fabrica de Bere Scorilo

Cluj-Napoca and Cluj county:
Amalgam Brewery
Berăria Klausen Burger
Bere a la Cluj
Clusa Brewery
Hophead Brewing

Player One Brewery

Covasna county:
Lucretia Schooner

Iași and Iași county:
Capra Noastră
Șapte Coline
Tomești Hill Craft Brewery

Giurgiu county:
Mad Lads Brewing

Maramureș county:
Berăria Dura

Mureș county:
Bere Lăpușna
Brewing Propaganda
Ignat Brewery (Bere Noah)

Neamț county:
Wicked Barrel Brewery

Olt county:
Ferma de Bere (Bere Antica)

Oradea and Bihor county:
Addictive Brewing
Bers Nova

Prahova county:

Sibiu and Sibiu county:
Berăria Artizanală Sibiu
Cibis Beer
Urban Brewery

Suceava county:

Timișoara and Timiș county:
Bere Sara de Casă / Sandro Beer
Bereta Brewing Co
Brauhaus Sincu
Clinica de Bere
Double Drop Crew Brewing

Tom Beer

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