Up and running

There are currently 32 operational craft and artisan breweries in Romania, however this is a number that is set to rise, so be sure to check back for regular updates!

1717 Bere Artizanală

Currently brewing in Germany, 1717 are creating authentic Bavarian style craft beers, with a modern, Romanian twist.

Anagram Brewing

Currently gypsy brewing, Anagram made their debut in May of 2018.

Amistad BEER

The smallest craft brewery in the country, Amistad are based in Bucharest and offer an impressive range of 7 different beers.

Beraria Klausen Burger

The only brew pub in Cluj-Napoca, and the second oldest brewery in the country, they serve a range of beers and fantastic food.

Bere a la Cluj

One of the four craft breweries in Cluj-Napoca, they have brewed for almost 2 years in Hungary, before relocating to Cluj at the beginning of 2018.

Bere Artizanală Sikaru

The first craft brewery based in Bucharest, Sikaru have been producing a range of different beer styles over the last few years, and can now be readily found in supermarkets across the country.

Bere Cazino

A tiny craft brewery based in Constanta, their range is brewed and bottled following very traditional techniques, which makes its availability around the country quite scarce.

Bere Lăpușna

A small brewery tucked away in the natural beauty of Transylvania, Lăpușna is a rare beer that is worth seeking out.

Bere Sara de Casă

Traditional, natural beer that started off on a small scale, they can now be found in supermarkets across the country.

Bereta Brewing Co

Romania’s first gypsy brewers, and brewers of Ratebeer’s Best Beer In Romania 2016 and 2017. They are set to open their own brewery in Timișoara in 2018.

Capra Noastră

Brewing Belgian style beers, Capra Noastră are the first craft brewery based in Iași.

Carol Beer

Currently the largest artisan brewery in the country, with an impressive output of 5000 hectolitres per year.

Clinica de Bere

Brewing a range of tasty medicines in Timișoara, Clinica de Bere was the first craft brewery to emerge onto the Romanian market, back in 2011.

Ground Zero

One of the best known craft breweries in Romania, and Ratebeer’s Best Brewery in Romania 2016.

Hop Hooligans

Creators of a wide range of diverse, world class craft beers, Hop Hooligans are pushing the boundaries and introducing the Romanian market to exciting new styles.

Hophead Brewing

The first craft brewery in Cluj Napoca, Hophead produce a range of consistently excellent beers and some special seasonal treats.


The newest brewery to open in Cluj-Napoca, at the end of 2017, their range is slowly working its way in gaining popularity across the country.

Mustața de Bere

Introducing the first micro-brewery to Braşov, Mustața de Bere are slowly but surely trickling into the local market and beyond.


The second brewery operating on-site in Sibiu, their Belgian style range was launched in April of 2018.


Purveyors of more traditional styles, brewed in Roman, Nemțeana’s pilsners and lagers have become a familiar sight in many pubs and bars in cities across the country.

Neuron Mash

A new gypsy brewer operating out of Cluj Napoca, Neuron Mash aim to re-educate your palate and show you the hoppier side of life.

Olovina Amon-Ra

Although making small scale batches since 2017, this small brewery in Bucharest only started making a proper appearance on the market in April of 2018.

One beer Later

Fresh from Buzău, these guys have made their debut at the end of 2017.

Oriel Beer

After taking home several awards from various homebrewing competitions, these guys finally revealed their range of Belgian beers to the market in December 2017.

Patos Beer

After several experimental batches and an apprenticeship in Croatia, this Bucharest brewery joined the craft beer scene and made their beers available commercially in May of 2018.


Based in Bucharest, Perfektum currently produce a small range of great beers, but are looking to be broadening their horizons as the years pass.

Three Happy Brewers

Offering a growing range of beer styles from around the world, all of which can also be enjoyed in the beer garden attached to the brewery.

Urban Brewery

The first brewery in Sibiu ro start brewing on site, their 3 beers range has been available on the market since the end of 2017.

White Collar Brewing

A new addition to the Bucharest craft beer scene that launched in May 2018.

Wicked Barrel Brewery

Romania’s second gypsy brewers and proud collectors of quite a few awards. Their imperial stout quickly shot to the number one spot on RateBeer in 2017, and they were awarded the title of 2nd Best New Brewery in the world that same year.


One of the first craft brewers in Romania, Zăganu emerged way back in 2013. They offer a range of traditional beer styles, as well as some more modern seasonal ales.


The first brewery to open in Romania in 2018, they are currently still at the stage of gypsy brewing.