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DSC_0149Location: Moșnița Nouă, Timiș county
Open since: 2011
Founders: Marcellus Loth and Heinrich Loth

General information:

If you had to try an pinpoint the moment in time when the craft beer scene in Romania as we know it started to take shape, you would have to head to Timișoara, in 2011. It was then that two brothers of German ethnicity opened up the first independently owned craft brewery in the country, under the name of Clinica de Bere (The Beer Clinic). After 8 years of homebrewing therapy sessions, 2011 saw the release of their first two beers, a blonde and a wheat beer, sent forth to cure all ailments their customers (or patients, as they prefer to call them) might have.

Their goal is simple: to go back to basics and produce great, preservative free beers using all fresh and natural ingredients, and their yearly output of 5000 hectolitres ensures that their beers are easily found around the country. The brewery itself is set in the Moșnița Royal Castle, a restaurant and hotel complex just outside the city of Timișoara, and visitors are more than welcome to come in and have a nosey at the brewing facilities. For a while, they even made their own bread, using spent grain left over from the brewing process. That practice has unfortunately been abandoned, which we personally find a bit of a shame, as there are currently no other breweries or brewpubs making their own bread.

One thing worth mentioning about Clinica de Bere is the fact that they are currently the only microbrewery to be part of the Brewers of Romania Association (Berarii României), alongside brewing giants like Heineken and Martens.

The Terapia range is easily available by bottle (330ml and 500ml) as well as draft in a number of bars and restaurants in cities in Romania, as well as several beer shops, or directly from their own site.


  • Terapia Gold – Blonde – 4.7% ABV
  • Terapia Platin – Weißbier – 5% ABV
  • Terapia Rubin – Strong Amber Ale – 6% ABV
  • Terapia Citrin – IPA – 6% ABV
  • Terapia Bronz – Brown Ale

Contract brewing:

  • Strașnic – Blonde (brewed for the Lidl supermarket chain) 

For reviews check BeerAdvocate, RateBeerUntappd and Universitatea de Bere.

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