Harvester Cider

DSC_0306Location: Zimborul
Brewers: Sergiu Muresan and Daniel Crisan
Style: Real Cider
Status: Up and running, cider for sale!

General information:

Harvester cider bring a much awaited treat to the country. So far there are only two real cider makers in Romania, but let’s hope this trend continues. Based in Transylvania, they have decided to break away from tradition and make more than just vinegar from the humble apple, which is great news for us!

Their cider is not only fantastic chilled on a hot summer’s day, but also makes for a tasty tipple as the leaves turn from green to yellow. In winter look out for their mulled cider, it’ll be sure to warm your bones.

Available online at Berero, as well as in an increasing number of bars and restaurants in cities around the country.


Classic range;

  • Harvester Cidru de mere – Sparkling apple cider
  • Harvester Cidru de pere – Sparkling pear cider

Seasonal cider;

  • Mulled Cider – Hot, spiced cider (perfect in winter)

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Contact details:


  • When did you start crafting cider? We’ve been on the market since July 2016.
  • Do customers have the chance to visit your cider factory? We’re currently doing a bit of work on the premises, however visitors will be welcome when it’s complete. We’re also considering running cider making workshops in the future.
  • How are your products available? Our sparkling cider is currently available in 500 ml glass bottles, though we’re looking to start kegging soon. Our mulled cider is available in “bag in a box” for bars over winter.
  • What plans do you have for the future? We want to build up our premises and expand and diversify our range. We’re also looking to be present in more locations across Romania.