Monthly review – September 2019

It's official: summer has already been put behind us, but it looks like the brewers have yet to get the memo. While this month has seen a constant flow of new releases, everyone seems somewhat loath to leave the sunny days behind. And if there's not much to be done about the days getting shorter, at least the brewers can still capture some of that summer glow in their IPAs and pale ales. So let's take a look.

Monthly review – August 2019

Romanian breweries took July by storm, with a good number of new releases across the board. And in spite of August being generally considered the last holiday month right before sending the kids back to school, brewers have been very productive. With 26 new releases, we've seen a wide array of styles, collaborations, as well as exciting beers to look forward to this autumn.

Monthly Review – July 2019

After a fairly dry June (not as far as weather was concerned), we're wrapping up July with a plentiful bounty. With almost 30 new beers released this month, from crowd favourite IPAs to a couple of delectable barrel aged offerings, July has seen a perfect combo of quantity and quality. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. So kick off your flip-flops, lean back in your chaise longue with a cold one, and read on.

Monthly review – June 2019

Already halfway through the year and we're seeing all sorts of interesting developments. While June's list of releases may be shorter than expected, any brewer worth their hops will tell you that it's been a busy month. So in between brewing new batches of their core range, attending numerous festivals and planning new brews for the upcoming month, June has been packed with all manner of excitement. 

48 hour party people: behind the scenes at Timișoara Craft Beer Festival 2019

For the second edition of the TMCBF, we decided that attending as mere beer drinkers is not enough, so we spoke to Adi from Bereta about documenting the making of the festival. The result is a timeline of the 48 hours leading up to the event, with all manner of insights, logistical details, as well as the organizers' feedback on the previous event and expectations for future editions. 

Monthly review – May 2019

♪ It's raining, it's pouring, the mash tuns are roaring ♪ With the severely awful weather we've had this month, it's almost as if the brewers took pity on us and came up with plenty of new beers to liven up the mood. A well deserved series of craft beer events also lent a helping hand, so we can't say that this month has been all doom and gloom. So let's have a wee read and see what's been going on. 

Monthly review – April 2019

April has been an interesting month: even with Easter, Labor Day, and the start of the festival season looming on the horizon, we still saw quite a fair few releases. And while everyone and their dog seemed to be out and about, grilling meats and swigging treats, brewers were busy coming up with all sorts of exciting brews. So, grab a fresh one and let’s take a look at where we are.