Gypsy & Contract Brewers

There was a time when the list of gypsy breweries in Romania contained one glorious name: Bereta Brewing.
However, 2018 has seen a rapid rise in the number of contract brewing, and while these lads don’t have a brewery of their own just yet, they surely deserve their own page. And with the Gypsy Program due to kick off at Ground Zero, as well as other breweries opening their doors to various nomads, this list is sure to grow in the months to come. 

1717 Bere Artizanală

Currently contract brewing in Germany, 1717 are creating authentic Bavarian style craft beers, with a modern, Romanian twist.

Anagram Brewing

Currently crafting their wares at Three Happy Brewers, Anagram made their debut in May of 2018.

Bere București

Contract brewing with Three Happy Brewers since the beginning of 2018, they have a simpler and rather olde worlde approach to the styles they make.

Dead Men Hops

Also partaking in the general shenanigans at Three Happy Brewers, these lads saw their debut in August 2018.

Neuron Mash

A new gypsy brewer operating out of the Kutuma brewery in Cluj Napoca, Neuron Mash aim to re-educate your palate and show you the hoppier side of life.

Wicked Barrel Brewery

Romania’s second gypsy brewers and proud collectors of quite a few awards. Their imperial stout quickly shot to the number one spot on RateBeer in 2017, and they were awarded the title of 2nd Best New Brewery in the world that same year.


The first brewery to open in Romania in 2018, they have currently brewed two batches under the tutelage of Ground Zero.