Gypsy & Contract Brewers

There was a time when the list of gypsy breweries in Romania contained one glorious name: Bereta Brewing.
However, 2018 saw a rapid rise in contract brewing, with a steady continuation into 2019, and while these lads don’t have a brewery of their own just yet, they surely deserve their own page. And with the Gypsy Program kicking off at Ground Zero, as well as other breweries opening their doors to various nomads, this list is sure to grow in the months to come. 

Here are the 21 gypsy* & contract** brewers you will find in Romania, as follows:

Gypsy brewers in Romania:

Acan Brewing
Antidot Brewing Co.
Bere București**
Blackout Brewing

Brews Brothers
Dead Men Hops

Mystic Mash
Neuron Mash
One Two Brew
Owl Brewery
Player One Brewery
Sunstone Alehouse
Takezo Art

Tomești Hill Craft Brewery
White Collar Brewing
Wicked Barrel Brewery

Contract brewing abroad:

1717 Bere Artizanală
Sunstone Alehouse
Szenttamási Aranykakas

Special mention:

*A bit of clarification regarding gypsy breweries:
All gypsy breweries listed have their own company (SRL) with the relevant NACE codes for either brewing or distributing beer. This list does not include homebrewers, or individuals brewing one-off batches with breweries, such as the beers made through the Bereta BBC program.

**A bit of clarification regarding contract breweries:
The contract breweries mentioned above are those that regularly have batches brewed by their parent breweries. Bars that provide one-off customized labels for clients, bands, restaurants, cafes, even online shops such as Berero Store, are not listed due to the fact that they are occasional clients without a core range. You can find their beers listed under the page of the main brewery making them, yet we do not consider them ‘full-time’ contract brewers.