Szenttamási Aranykakas

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Location: Székelyszenttamàs, Harghita county (currently brewing in Hungary)
Contract brewing since: October 2018
Founders: Tamás Borsos & Edina Borsos Gorgenyi
Output in 2018: 60 hectoliters

General information:

This small family business saw it’s beginnings in 2004, when Hungary was several steps ahead of Romania when it came to craft beer. During a trip to Budapest, they stumbled upon a craft beer festival, and after a couple of days of tasting brews like they’ve never tasted before, they started contemplating making their own.

What followed were 2 years of studying, sampling and reading about recipes, before their first beer, a Pilsner made with ale yeast, was entered in a homebrewing competition in Bucharest. The beer won 3rd place, and it encouraged them to pursue their brewing career.

In 2018, they contacted a brewery in Hungary, and after obtaining all their paperwork in October, production officially went live, before the first barrels got to the Romanian market in December that year. In 2019, several of their beers were entered in the European Beer Challenge competition, winning them several medals, including a double gold medal for their IPA, stout and Altbier.

The name of the brewery translates to ‘The Golden Rooster in Tămașu’ (named after a small, picturesque village in Transylvania). Their current range consists of 4 beer styles to suit all tastes: an IPA, a lager-type, a wheat beer and a stout. Available by both 330ml bottles, as well as keg, you can typically find them in the Amigo grocery store chain, as well as shops and bars in Harghita county.


  • Summer IPA – IPA – 5.7% ABV
  • Altmodisch Altbier – Altbier – 5.3% ABV
  • Old Barrel Stout – Stout – 5% ABV
  • German Monk – Weissbier – 5% ABV

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Contact details:

Tel: 0741 036 321