Cidru Clarks

DSC_0160Location: Leresti
Head cider maker: Alan Clark
Style: Real cider
Status: Up and running, cider for sale!

General information:

Way back in 2012 Alan and his team set out on the arduous task of creating Romania’s first real cider. Three years and much red tape later, Cidru Clarks appeared on the market, towards the end of 2015.

Officially the first real cider in the country, made from 100% Romanian apples, Clarks have delivered us a fantastic product. One that, for far too long, has been neglected.

They have a selection of ciders to please every palate, from dry to sweet and all the semis in between. There are also seasonal varieties available which are a delight to the taste buds.

They can be found mostly in Bucharest, but also online at Berero. Available by the bottle and on draft in certain bars in Bucharest, theirs is a product that if you’ve never had real cider, simply has to be sampled! During summer, check out the Foodhood Ciderbar on Strada Selari 4, Bucharest.

It wasn’t long ago that commercial ciders such as Strongbow were introduced to the market, but this is the real deal and by far, the superior product. Try it and see for yourself!

Also, check out their website for some great cider facts and even some fantastic cider based recipes, including an interesting twist on the Romanian classic, Sarmale.



Classic range;

  • Clarks Cidru De Mere Sec
  • Clarks Cidru De Mere Demisec
  • Clarks Cidru De Mere Demidulce
  • Clarks Cidru De Mere Dulce

Seasonal cider;

  • Clarks Cidru de Mere cu visine
  • Clarks Cidru de Mere cu mure

For reviews check Untappd.

Contact details:


  • When did you start brewing? Our first ciders hit the shelf in October 2015
  • Do customers have the chance to visit the cider factory? Currently we allow visitors on a case by case basis. In the future we’d like to organise a few open days.
  • How are your products available? Currently our range is available in 500 ml bottles (cidru de mere sec, demisec, demidulce, cu mure), 330 ml bottle (cidru de mere dulce, cidru cu visine) and 25 litre stainless steel kegs for draught.
  • What plans do you have for the future? Continue to produce and promote cider in Romania.