A 6-pack of history – episode 1: with François-Xavier D’Hollander from One Beer Later

For the first episode of our weekly series, François-Xavier D’Hollander, brewer at One Beer Later, will be talking about the 6 beers that made him appreciate craft and open up a brewery. So hop on your motorbikes, and enjoy a journey through time, riding down country lanes in the north of France, lounging on the beach with a Spanish beer, and having a rendez-vous with some local punks.

A 6-pack of history: six beers that defined my relationship with craft beer (pilot episode)

In this new series of weekly articles, we'll be talking to brewers about the 6 beers that made them develop a relationship with craft beer and brewing, and led to them opening their own brewery. For the pilot episode, we're going to set the mood by taking a moment to talk about us. Meet Teodora, content writer and blogger at Beerologique, and the 6 beers that defined her relationship with craft.