Brew pubs

The number of pubs and restaurants producing their own beer on site is slowly increasing. We’re currently aware of 8.

Berăria Vlad Tepes

If you’re passing through Târgoviște, check out the traditional beers brewed at this brew pub/restaurant.


The first brew pub to open in Timișoara is opening it’s gates on the 17th of November, and its promising us an outstanding range of almost a dozen different brews.


One of the oldest brewpubs in Bucharest, serving up traditional beers alongside fantastic food.

Downtown Craft Brewery – B13

Newly opened in 2019, this is the first brewpub in Sibiu, and the 5th brewery in the county.

Ordinul Berarilor Fabrica de Bere

Crafting a number of different styles, enjoy great beer with great food in this Constanța brew pub.

Podu’ cu Lanturi

Recently opened in Bacău, this medieval themed brew pub, restaurant and hotel certainly offers something a little different!

Tom Beer

New to the streets of Oradea, Tom Beer produces a range of German style beers freshly brewed and enjoyed onsite.

Turnul Berarilor

Open in Piatra Neamț, this brew pub/restaurant serves a good dose of site brewed beer, live entertainment and excellent food.

Special mention: Klausen Burger 

Although no longer just a brewpub (seeing how their beers are also available in shops and bars across the country), it is worth mentioning the first craft brewpub in Cluj, and also in Romania.