Fabrica Grivița

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Location: Bucharest
Open since: July 2019
Head brewer: Matei Lucescu

General information:

Telling the story of Fabrica Grivița is a bit of a historian’s undertaking. In order to get the full picture, you’d first have to go back in time, to 1869, when the German entrepreneur Erhard Luther opened a brewery in Bucharest. It became known as ‘Fabrica de Bere Luther’, and in the decades that followed, it became one of the best known breweries in the country, with an impact on the market that ranged from legislative changes to hop growing initiatives, as well as producing some of the country’s most popular beers. After the Communist Party rose to power in 1948, the brewery was renamed ‘Fabrica Grivița’, then renamed again in the 70’s to ‘Fabrica Gambrinus’, yet it continued to be a staple on the Romanian beer scene of those times. Things took a downward turn for the brewery after the Revolution in 1989, and, following a series of privatizations that became common after the fall of Communism, it was sold to Austrian Breweries in 2001. The building that hosted the brewery for decades was stripped of equipment and declassed from a historic monument in 2007, with most of it being demolished to make way for real estate investments and urban development.

Things started looking up when, in 2019, Matei Lucescu, grandson of renown Romanian football coach Mircea Lucescu, decided to revive the Grivița brand, and opened a brewery with the same name. Matei first started contemplating brewing while attending a craft beer festival back in 2016, when him and his wife decided to make their own. One brewing course in the UK and a 1 million euro investment later, production began in June 2019, and their beers went live on the market the following month.

Fabrica Grivița acts as both an independent brewery and a brewpub, with its own bar and terrace, the perfect place to try their beers fresh from the source. Marketing itself as ‘Romania’s first transparent brewery’*, the brewhouse and other equipment are separated from the pub by a transparent wall, which allows you to see how the beer is made. Brewery tours can also be arranged in advance. Their ample terrace has allowed them to host several events so far, from movie nights, to mini craft beer fests. In 2020, they also partnered up with Sizzle Kitchen, who set up their food truck on the brewpub’s outdoor premise, which means you can now enjoy some tasty street food with a pint of fresh beer.

Like their ancestors before them, Grivița favour traditional styles, particularly lagers, although they won’t shy away from the occasional collaborative venture, or even modern craft beer styles, such as hazy IPAs. Their beers are available on tap or in 500ml bottles in a wide array of locations across the country, from craft beer bars and specialized shops, to several online platforms. Alternatively, you can buy them straight from their webshop, but for a fully immersive experience, a visit to the brewery is a must.

* We have to point out that the majority of brewpubs in Romania are ‘transparent’, meaning that you can see the actual brewery from the other side of the bar. Grivița is not the first to follow this model. 


  • Grivița Black – Dark Lager – 5% ABV
  • Grivița Dark Gold – Czech Pilsner – 4.6% ABV
  • Grivița IPA – IPA – 5.2% ABV
  • Hazy IPA – 5.2% ABV
  • Fuji Sunrise – Lager – 4.2% ABV
  • HAWAIIPA – IPA – 6.2% ABV


  • Clandestin Printre Noi – India Pale Lager with hibiscus (collaboration with Clandestin Beer) – 5% ABV

Contract brewing:

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Contact details:

Șoseaua Orhideelor 19, București 060071
Tel: 0766 333 777
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Fabrica-Grivita/
Web: www.fabricagrivita.ro
Email: office@fabricagrivita.ro