As a region rich in brewing history, it’s only natural that Timiş county, and its capital, Timisoşara, should play host to several excellent craft beer establishments. Read on to discover where to find Romanian craft beer in the beautiful city of Timişoara, and check out the handy map for a bar or shop near you.

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Craft Breweries

  • Clinica de Bere: located at the spectacular Moșnița Royal Castle complex, Clinica de Bere were the first craft brewery to hit the Romanian market. Their beers can be found on tap at the Royal Castle Hotel Bar, as well as several other bars in the city.
  • Bereta Brewing Co: Romania’s first gypsy brewers are already renowned for their brewing prowess. Having created some award winning beers at other breweries, they opened their own brewery in June 2018, when they also organized the first craft beer festival in the city. Not only that, but they are also hosting the city’s gypsy brewers, such as Owl Brewery and (formerly) OneTwo.
  • Double Drop Crew: launched in April 2019, their repertoire has slowly increased since, focusing mostly on sour beers and IPAs.
  • Brauhaus Sincu: located just outside of Timișoara in the village of Utvin, Brauhaus Sincu brew a series of traditional, mostly German inspired brews.
  • One Two: after more than a year and two gypsy-brewed beers, in September 2020 they will officially join the list as the city’s 6th craft brewery, with a huge soft spot for sours.
  • Although originally opened in the Văliug – Crivaia touristic resort, Bere Sara relocated to Timişoara in October 2019, and opened their own taproom in the city center.



The city is only rocking one brew pub, freshly opened in November 2018. With 13 taps of craft beer (both their own as well as guest entries), Berărescu is a welcome addition to the city’s growing craft beer scene. The food menu consists of burgers, ribs, as well as the usual pub grub, and make sure to drop by on Tuesdays for their ‘all you can eat’ deals.


Craft Beer Bars

Specialized craft beer bars are still a new concept around much of the country. However, there are a few places in Timişoara that stock some fantastic beers, with what looks to be a developing beer quarter slowly but surely taking shape in the northwest of the old town centre.


Quaint, cozy and somewhat easy to miss, this little shop is worth seeking out, both because of its central location, as well as the wide array of brews available. Split into two, it has a section dedicated to wine and spirits, complete with a deli counter and reading room, and a separate entrance for beers. It’s well worth checking it out in summer, when their open terrace is a perfect spot for sampling both Romanian and international beers, as well as trying out their food menu. Fear not though, if you’re in town during the cooler months, they enclose the terrace and fit it out with heaters over winter, so you can enjoy this hidden gem all year round.

They also get bonus points for organizing the city’s first craft beer festival, in partnership with Bereta.


What may appear to be a classic vinyl store is also one of the best places to enjoy Romanian craft beer in the city. They stock brews from around the country, and frequently host launch parties for the latest Bereta beers. Aside from Romanian beer, they also stock a varied selection of craft beer from across the globe. With great music, and the chance to buy some classic vinyl, it’s an awesome place to chill and enjoy some excellent local beer.

Bereta Taproom & Bottleshop

The Bereta brewery are not only releasing top quality beers, hosting gypsy brewers and organizing beer events, but they now also have their very own taproom. With 15 taps of both Romanian and international craft beers, as well as 6 fridges stocked with the best the industry has to offer, dropping by is a huge must.


Open since April 2019, TapRoom is another excellent hangout for beer lovers in the city. Owned by OneTwo Brew, it is a great place for those who want to try out the newest local releases, as well as other Romanian craft beers. With very few exceptions, all beers are available on draft only. The inside is somewhat snug, though there’s also an outdoor space and window seats.

KraftYard Costel

One of Timişoara’s most popular youth hostels, Hostel Costel decided to use their garden as an outdoor beer terrace in the summer of 2020. A bit of a hidden gem, tucked away on a quiet side street, it’s a green, cozy place that’s perfect if you’re looking for Romanian craft beers, both by the bottle and on tap. Occasionally hosting live music and DJ sets, they also have a food truck on site, and if you’d rather spend the night there, they also provide accommodation.


Part cafe-bar, part grocers, and totally awesome. Reciproc stock a wide and ever changing range of international and Romanian craft beers, though only by the bottle, keeping up to date with the latest offerings from around the country. The cosy atmosphere is relaxing and inviting, and while they don’t serve larger meals, their sandwiches are ideal for a light lunch.

Meat Busters

If you’re hungry for some mouthwatering American fast food and have a thirst for some refreshing Romanian craft beer, this is the place to go. They started out life as a food truck based in Bucharest, though their enormous success saw them start up a second truck in Cluj Napoca. Going from strength to strength, this is the first brick and mortar location for Meat Busters, conveniently placed in what we call ‘The Timisoara Beer Quarter’. The food menu is unsurprisingly meat forward, with burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, and ribs leading the way. When it comes to beer, they stock a varied array, from numerous breweries around the country.

Mayerhoff Brauerei

Although not a craft beer bar per se, this pub was opened by Bere Sara in October 2019, and it could well be considered their taproom. It’s the best place to find Bere Sara, especially if you want to try it on tap. They also have beer cocktails available, and while you’re at it, check out their house wine as well.

This page was last updated October 6 2020.