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Location: Timişoara
Gypsy brewing since: January 2019
Brewing on their own since: July 2020
Brewer: Alexandru Bernaz

General information:

If ever there was a Romanian brewery with the most laid-back, not-aiming-for-the-spotlight attitude, then OneTwo is definitely the one. The story of Alexandru and Tudor and their brewing shenanigans started in January 2019, when they headed to their neighbors, Bereta, to brew their very first gypsy beer. Their pineapple Gose went live in April that year, and it was a delightful offering at a time when sours were still finding their way into the Romanian market and around drinkers’ taste buds.

In a curious turn of events, rather than brewing more beers or even opening their own brewery first, the lads took an interesting route, and in April 2019 they also opened their own Taproom (called just that). Their bar opened with 9 taps of Romanian craft beers and an indoor space that can seat a whooping 12 to 15 people (or thereabouts). A bit snug, we’ll admit, but the chilled out and friendly vibe more than make up for it, and if Alexandru is in the house playing his vinyl collection, you know you’ll be in for a real treat.

After collaborating on one more sour with Double Drop Crew back in August 2019, things were quiet on the brewing front for a while. But in July 2020, they finally received their authorizations to start making their own beer at their brewery in Timişoara. There’s no denying that OneTwo are a couple of sour fiends (which we thoroughly approve of), and it seems there will always be something of the mouth puckering variety in one of their fermenting vessels. Still, we’re curious to see what other styles they’ll be tackling in the near future.


Brewed at their own brewery:

  • 01 – IPA – 6% ABV
  • 02 – Watermelon Sour – 5% ABV
  • 03 – Fig, honey and lavender Stout – 9% ABV
  • 04 – Mango and Habanero Sour – 5% ABV
  • 05 – Sour IPA – 6% ABV
  • 06 – Rye IPA

Brewed at Bereta:

  • Pineapple Gose – Gose  – 4.1% ABV


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Contact details:

Str. Chimiștilor 5-9, Timișoara