Romanian beer – establishing a craft identity

In the three years we've been keeping an eye on the local craft beer industry, we have often asked ourselves all sorts of questions. 'Should we add this brewery to our database? What makes this brewery 'craft'? Is there even a definition of craft beer in Romania?' So back in January, we sat down and took on an enormous task: trying to come up with a definition ourselves. 

Monthly Review – July 2019

After a fairly dry June (not as far as weather was concerned), we're wrapping up July with a plentiful bounty. With almost 30 new beers released this month, from crowd favourite IPAs to a couple of delectable barrel aged offerings, July has seen a perfect combo of quantity and quality. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. So kick off your flip-flops, lean back in your chaise longue with a cold one, and read on.