Podu’ cu Lanțuri

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Location: Bacău
Open since: 2017


Recently opened in Bacau, this traditional brew pub is set among the grounds of a large medieval style restaurant and hotel. It certainly looks the part and a lot of work has gone into creating an authentic look.

To start with, they’ve released three types of beer, which are only available on tap in the pub. They are also looking to start brewing IPAs, porters and pale ales in the future.

A must visit if you’re in the area, but be sure to call ahead as the pub/restaurant get’s pretty busy!


  • Bere Bacău – Lager (filtered) – 4.5% ABV
  • Bere Pils ‘Podu’ cu Lanțuri’ – Pilsner – 5% ABV
  • ‘Podu’ cu Lanțuri’ Red Ale – Vienna Lager 
  • ‘Podu’ cu Lanțuri’ Dark Ale – Belgian style ale

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