Location: Cluj-Napoca
Open since: November 2017
Head brewer: Norbert Tătar


Just when you thought things were getting quiet on the western front, the city of Cluj-Napoca decided it was time to step up its game a bit, with the opening of its fourth independent brewery.

White Kutuma only started brewing its beers on a commercial level in November 2017, Norbert, the head brewer, has a wealth of experience in both brewing (having learned his craft in the Czech Republic), as well as becoming thoroughly involved in the emerging brewing initiative among Romanian beer lovers. His most notable pre-Kutuma endeavor came to fruition with the beer meeting of October 2015, in Cluj-Napoca. The event itself was quite ahead of its time in terms of what it sought to achieve, combining both well established breweries, as well as back then home-brewers who would later become a staple on the Romanian scene, such as Hop Hooligans, Bereta, and even Oriel.

With a background as impressive as that, it was only a matter of time before the brewery itself came to fruition, so at the beginning of 2017, the three associates decided to tackle the Romanian authorities in order to get the ball rolling. Kutuma made its debut towards the end of the year, and as the name implies (‘cutumă’ is an old Romanian word for common law or well established practices) it came out as the embodiment of a lengthily passion for brewing, aiming to change beer drinkers’ expectations of the finished product.

In spite of it’s rather traditional, albeit unique approach to its debut range (IPAs, lagers and imperial stouts, for instance), it is worth mentioning that the head brewer has quite the soft spot for yeast, which is quite unusual, given the fact that most Romanian craft brewers tend to focus on hops and malts. In a way, this goes hand in hand with their approach to beer and the fact that it is a living, constantly changing product.

Currently available in 500ml glass bottles and 330ml for their Imperial Stout, the Kutuma beers are slowly working their way outside the range of Cluj-Napoca and into the country. With a kegging facility under their belt, you can expect their beers on draft in a pub near you in the year to come. And with the onset of summer, keep an eye out for their plan to open a small terrace on the brewery premises, perfect for sampling their beers straight from the tap.


  • Zăbava – Lager
  • Zarva – American Wheat Beer
  • Jargon – Amber Ale
  • Dambla – IPA
  • Ortu’ Popii – Imperial Stout