Player One Brewery

Location: Cluj-Napoca
Gypsy brewing since: January 2019
Brewer: Samuel Todosiciuc

General information:

The city of Cluj has seen a new player enter the game: in January 2019, Samuel decided to put his homebrewing skills to the test, and decided to join the industry, under the wing of Kutuma.

Inspired by his love for computer games and their vibe, Player One aims to deliver a beer made by gamers for gamers, due to go hand in hand with a gaming session after a long day’s graft. Starting off on the tamer side, with a wheat beer, there’s also word of more hop forward styles at some point, such as New England IPAs. As with any passionate brewer, a small scale setup is also in the works for future, but for now, they will stick to the gypsy side of the operation.

Their first beer is currently available both on tap and 500ml bottles in the usual Kutuma locations, but you can also grab one online, from Berero Store.


  • Super Weiss Brew – Wheat Beer – 5% ABV

Contact details:

Tel: 0749 792 543

This page was last updated February 19 2019.