Player One Brewery

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Location: Câmpia Turzii, Cluj county
Gypsy brewing since: January 2019
Brewing on their own since: August 2020
Brewer: Samuel Todosiciuc

General information:

The city of Cluj has yet another player enter the game: in January 2019, Samuel decided to put his homebrewing skills to the test, and decided to join the industry, under the wing of Kutuma.

Inspired by his love for computer games and their vibe, Player One aims to deliver a beer made by gamers for gamers, brewed to go hand in hand with a gaming session after a long day’s graft. Starting off on the tamer side, with a wheat beer dedicated to the Super Mario series, it followed-up with a Half-Life-themed Witbier.

In August 2020, Player One finally received their authorizations to start making beer on their own, and after putting their brand new brewery to good use, they respawned on the market with yet another wheat beer. So far, it may seem that Sami has a soft spot for beers of the wheaty persuasion, but we bet he has some blue shells hop bombs in his inventory, just waiting to be dropped. Stay tuned for more!


Brewed at their own brewery:

  • Respawn – Hefeweizen – 5% ABV
  • 8 Bit Ale – West Coast IPA – 5.5% ABV
  • Nut Kraker – Imperial Stout – 10% ABV
  • Point & Click – Session IPA – 4% ABV

Collaborations at their own brewery:

Gypsy brewed range:

  • Super Weiss Brew (batch 1: brewed at Kutuma) – Wheat Beer – 5% ABV
  • Super Weiss Brew (batch 2: brewed at Patos Beer) – Wheat Beer – 4.5% ABV
  • Wit Hazard – Belgian style Witbier – (brewed at Oriel Beer) – 5.5% ABV


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Contact details:

Str. Abatorului 12, Câmpia Turzii, Cluj
0749 792 543