Neuron Mash

Location: Cluj-Napoca
Gypsy brewing since: April 2018
Brewer: Markos Lorand


The first gypsy brewer in the city of Cluj started off under the wing of Kutuma. While the brewing process kicked off in April, it wasn’t until June of 2018 that bureaucracy was finally sorted and their first beer was officially launched. Since then, their double dry-hopped IPA has been making several appearances at craft beer festivals in the country, as well as shops and bars, and has already seen its second batch brewed and released. We’re curious to see what other styles they will tackle in the months to come.

In the meantime, you can grab a bottle online, from Berero Store.

For reviews, check out RateBeer, Untappd and Universitatea de Bere.


  • Double IPA – 8% ABV


This page was last updated December 5 2018.