Takezo Art

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Location: Iași
Gypsy brewing since: May 2020
Brewer: Constantin Roșu

General information:

A new addition to the Iași list of gypsy brewers, Takezo Art started off as a mixture of making beer at home, interlaced with engineering projects and an artistic streak. Constantin (or Costache, for friends) had been homebrewing for 5 years, developing 15 recipes that were all well received by his friends. Working as an engineer since 1989, he used his expertise to build bottling and labeling lines, and open a business that has already supplied over 300 pieces of equipment to several food industry companies in Romania (you can check it out here). Not only that, but he also built an automatic brew line, which can be seen in action here.

The plan to give commercial brewing a go was born on the night of the New Year, when, as soon as the clock struck midnight, Costache dared his friends to say what their great plans for 2020 would be. As for himself, he decided that the time had come to start brewing. Under his personal motto of ‘Don’t try, succeed’, this one-man project did just that. He may not have had the money to open up his own brewery, but luckily, Ionel from Capra Noastră was eager to lend a hand in pursuing a gypsy brewing career instead. Fast forward to May, his first two beers were already released on the market, resplendent in their stylish, old school labels.

When not designing bottling lines and pottering with homebrew recipes, Costache spends a lot of time immersed in his artistic hobbies, from playing guitar and writing poetry, to painting. The name of the brewery actually comes from a play on words based on his own name, used to sign his paintings (Costache – Tache – Takezo). And while an official opening is due as soon as the third beer is launched, we’re sure that there are exciting developments in the future for this gypsy brewer.

You can find the Takezo Art beers in 330ml bottles. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a list of locations that sell them. Stay tuned for more!


Brewed at Capra Noastră:

  • Savarina Vulpii – Irish Red Ale – 5% ABV
  • Limonade Shushu – Blonde Ale – 5% ABV
  • Un Ceas cu Rubine – Red Ale – 6% ABV

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Contact details:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/takezo.art
Tel: 0729 300 101