Capra Noastră

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Location: Iași
Open since: July 2017
Head brewer: Ionel Păsărică
Output in 2018: 500 hectolitres


Romanians are funny people, with funny sayings. One such phrase roughly translates to ‘my goat may have died, but I want my neighbor’s goat to die as well’. Goats aside, it was the budding rivalry between the emerging craft beer movement and the macro breweries in Romania that sparked the idea behind the name of the first brewery in Iași.

It all started with 3 Belgians and 1 Romanian entrepreneur who decided that the city of Iași was long overdue a piece of the brewing action. So in 2016, they had a sit down, and took a good look at the local industry and what was missing in the area. Then, they flew in Belgian brew master Raymond Franciscus de Saegher for inspiration, got their hands on some shiny new brewing equipment, bit of Polish malt, sprinkle of French yeast, some Belgian recipes and got to work. Soon after, in July 2017, their first kids (all puns intended) left the brewery and hit the shelves.

Capra Noastră (which translates to ‘Our Goat’) saw a very successful debut, and by the end of their first month on the market, their 5000 liter setup was put to work once more, as their initial batches sold out. In terms of styles, they have a predilection for Belgian style ales, complete with the addition of coriander, cardamon, orange peels and honey, although in September 2017 they took a sharp turn into the realm of IPAs. They also seem to have a knack for rhymes and good old Moldovan humor, best enjoyed straight on their Facebook page.

In July 2018, to celebrate their first birthday, they upgraded their range with 3 new beers, available by 500ml bottles and packed with a exciting fruit and spice combo, as well as a very curious Tripel that swapped its hops for endives. Not only that, but in 2018 they also started kegging, and made a quite successful debut at the numerous craft beer festivals around the country.

2018 turned out to be an all-around winner for the first craft brewery in Iași, and to top it all, they took the prize for  Best New Brewer in Romania in 2018, according to the RateBeer website.

Their beers are available by 330ml bottles and on tap in pubs and specialized shops around the country, or online at Berero Store. Although, if you prefer, you can pick them up fresh from the goatery brewery in Iași.


  • Capra Noastră Albă – Belgian wit – 6.5% ABV
  • Brună Seara – Brown ale – 6.5% ABV
  • Vagablonda Triplă – Tripel – 7.5% ABV
  • Saison – 6% ABV
  • IPA – 6.2% ABV
  • Noaptea Mâţei – Belgian Strong Dark Ale – 11% ABV
  • Trează – non-alcoholic Saison – 0.5% ABV

Seasonal/limited edition:

  • Capra Moșului – Christmas Edition (750ml bottle) – Tripel – 7.5% ABV
  • Oaia e prea creață – Kriek-style beer with bitter cherries and coriander – 6.2% ABV
  • Vaca e prea înaltă – Tripel with endives (no hops) – 7.5% ABV
  • Măgărița e prea căpoasă – Kriek-style beer with blueberries – 6.2% ABV
  • Coborâm la Prima – Tripel – 7.5% ABV  – brewed for the Coborâm la Prima film
  • Capra Cu 2 Bani – White IPA – 5.5% ABV
  • Capra Cu 3 Nurori – Coffee Porter – 7% ABV
  • Ursul Păcălit De Capră – White Chocolate Stout – 7.5% ABV
  • Cu Levănțică (Adică Lavandă Mică) – Lavender beer – 6.5% ABV
  • Demo – India Pale Lager – 5% ABV
  • Noaptea Mâţei (Ediție la Baric) – Merlot BA Belgian Strong Dark Ale – 11% ABV
  • Capra Cu 3 Nurori (Ediție la Baric) – Fetească Neagră BA Coffee Porter – 7% ABV
  • Noaptea Mâţei (Ediție la Baric) + Coffee Porter – blend between Noaptea Mâţei (Merlot BA) and Capra Cu 3 Nurori – Fetească Neagră BA – 11% ABV
  • Triplă (Ediție în Baric) – Fetească Neagră BA Belgian Tripel – 8.5% ABV

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