Low Frequency Brews

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Location: Bucharest
Gypsy brewing since: July 2020
Brewer: Bozhidar Asenov

General information:

Hops, malts, yeast and a hefty dose of sub bass come together in the newest addition to Romania’s gypsy brewers list. Meet the mastermind behind Low Frequency Brews, Bozhidar Asenov. Born and raised in Bulgaria, he decided to move to Romania in 2016 after meeting his girlfriend at a music festival. After several experiments in the realm of homebrewing, he decided to test his skill on larger equipment, and try his luck by entering the second edition of the Bereta Brewing Community – homebrewer collab program. He pitched some recipes in the comments, each wilder than the last, and he definitely managed to catch the eye of the Bereta lads. And so, In February 2020, the first Low Frequency beer saw its official release, with all the bells and whistles that suit a heavyweight Imperial Stout. Not wasting any time, Bozhidar took it to the next level, and at the beginning of July, he went where few other gypsy brewers had gone before: the Hop Hooligans brewery. There, he made the first non-collaboration gypsy brew ever to see the light on the Hooligans’ turf: a thick, ballsy Double IPA, named as a peace offering to the next door neighbors who maybe aren’t all that into bass.

Music also plays a massive part in Bozhidar’s life, and it’s a recurring theme that you’ll see in his future beers. In fact, when not brewing, he’s very invested in hand crafting reggae sound systems, designing and building speaker boxes, collecting vinyl, as well as organizing chilled out music events. If you’re also into bass forward music and have a soft spot for roots reggae, make sure to check him out on Bass Healing Hi-Fi. And speaking of roots, Bozhidar also pays homage to his Bulgarian background through the design of his labels, logos and visual identity, which are made by NoPoint Atelier, an indie artist living in a 100 year-old house in a stunning region of Bulgaria.

After the official launch of Low Frequency Brews on August 1st, we reckon this gypsy brewery is well worth keeping an eye on. And with some of the BBC Milk Stout still maturing away in a Jamaican rum barrel, you can bet that there’s more exciting stuff in the pipeline coming your way soon.



Brewed as part of the Bereta Brewing Community program:

  • BBC Imperial Milk Stout with salted caramel & lactose – 9.3% ABV

Brewed at Hop Hooligans:

  • Next Door Neighbour – DDH DIPA – 8.5% ABV – C

Brewed at Bereta:

  • BBC Imperial Milk Stout with salted caramel – Rum BA (collaboration with Bereta) – 9.3% ABV – C

For reviews, check Untappd. 

Contact details:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lowfrequencybrewing/