Acan Brewing

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Location: Cluj-Napoca
Gypsy brewing since: January 2020
Brewer: Ștefan Iosif Patrinichi

General information

The newest addition to Cluj-Napoca’s ever growing list of gypsy brewers. The beginnings of Acan Brewing follow Ștefan, originally from the town of Piatra Neamț, who moved to Cluj. Here, he became an avid homebrewer, thoroughly involved in the local homebrewing community, and constantly on the prowl with his home-made experiments. Deciding to take his passion to the next level, he reached out to Bere a la Cluj, who hosted him in January as he brewed a rather ambitious debut beer: a Russian Imperial Stout. Smoala went out into the big world in March, and even though the official launch party for both the beer and the brewery had to be postponed due to the pandemic, it still saw a warm welcome. In June, he followed up with a second beer, a cream ale, and rumor has it there’s even more exciting, dark stuff due in the future.

Acan Brewing aim to make beers that combine crazy new stuff with tender love and patience. Taking its name from the Mayan god of wine and intoxication, the brewery promises to treat us to beers with a personal approach, so if you’re into experimental stuff that strays from the classics, their beers will be right up your street. Looking forward to more!

Their beers are available by 330ml bottle in a few locations across the country, but you’re always likely to find one online, at Berero Store.


Brewed at Bere a la Cluj:

  • Smoala – Russian Imperial Stout – 11% ABV
  • Coasa – Cream Ale – 4.8% ABV

Brewed at Kutuma:

  • Sweet Victory – Barleywine (bourbon oak aged) – 12.5% ABV

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