The women of Romania’s craft beer industry

Whether it's brewing, branding and marketing strategies, or bottling and distribution, Romania's craft beer industry is no longer a men-only playground. To celebrate International Women's Day, we thought we'd raise our glass to the women who have shaped it along the way, and who continue to inspire those thinking about joining it. Meet some of the ladies who have been stirring the mash as well as the industry as a whole.

The hazies nebula, barrel aged dark matter, and a flocculation of sours – a 2019 review

2019 has been a heck of a roller coaster ride for the Romanian craft beer scene. We've seen an outstanding number of new beer releases, new styles being tackled, the IPA dominion still holding strong, and a few welcome trends that are hopefully here to stay. But with less new breweries compared to last year, and topped with some changes in the market and the industry, it does beget the question of what the future holds. So let's pour ourselves a drop and see where we're come so far.

Monthly Review – December 2019

We interrupt your holiday shenanigans with a message both grim and hopeful. Christmas is over, and for the vast majority of us, there’s not a lot to look forward to beyond the outrageous capers of New Year’s Eve. Ah, but at least there’s beer. And this month has provided plenty to keep us going through the dreariness that is January. So let’s see how this last month panned out, and ponder briefly what the next year will bring.

Monthly review – November 2019

As the year draws to an end and the nights become darker, colder, and longer, you’ll find that you probably have much more time to spend reading our monthly reviews. And after months of bemoaning the absence of dark beers, it seems that this month we've been quite spoiled for choice. So, go grab a pint of something dark and strong, settle down under a blanket, and find out what’s new in the brewing world.

Monthly review – October 2019

This month, it wasn’t just the leaves turning all the shades of the warmer colour spectrum, but the beers as well. It was about time too - after an IPA suffused summer, darker beers have finally come onto to the center stage. And to keep them company, we’ve also seen quite a few breweries take on some old school styles, as well as some new players joining the industry before the year is out.

Start small, go big: thoughts on Haze Fest – 1st edition

Last week, we got the chance to attend the single, most important craft beer festival to take place in Romania this year: the first edition of Haze Fest, in Timișoara. Given the fact that such an event format is unprecedented in Romania, we were also curious to hear some feedback from the breweries who participated. So, we had a quick chat with them about whether it lived up to their expectations, and got the chance to take a look at everything from their perspective.

Monthly review – September 2019

It's official: summer has already been put behind us, but it looks like the brewers have yet to get the memo. While this month has seen a constant flow of new releases, everyone seems somewhat loath to leave the sunny days behind. And if there's not much to be done about the days getting shorter, at least the brewers can still capture some of that summer glow in their IPAs and pale ales. So let's take a look.