Monthly review – February 2019

February may have be the shortest month of the year, but there has been no shortage of new beers to enjoy. We hear tales of collaborations, gypsy brewers and the first whispers of new events coming up. And so, as 2019 shifts up another gear and winter takes the backseat, let’s grab a cold one and see what’s been going on.

Monthly review – January 2019

We were expecting January to be a slow, post-Christmas-blues-y kind of month. It was definitely not the case, and with quite a surprising number of new releases, as well as some excitement looming on the horizon, we decided to compile a monthly review to do it all justice. After an action packed 2018 that saw an influx of new beers and breweries to the country, this month has hinted that there’s even more where that came from in 2019. Let’s take a look.

From the summer kiln to the autumn sparge – a quarterly review

This summer was a right old scorcher, and we're pretty sure you guys also got your thirst on as a result. As luck had it, it seems that this summer played host to a whole plethora of beer festivals as well. All in all, there were plenty of opportunities to kick back and indulge in a beery treat, and with 43 new labels launched as well as (a new record of) 7 new breweries, the industry has seen quite a busy quarter.

First sprouts of spring – A quarterly review

It may feel like spring is a long way coming (we're sure we're not the only ones with their heating still on), but that doesn't mean the craft beer industry in Romania is still in hibernation. In fact, much has happened in the first three months of 2018, from new breweries popping up, to new beers being brewed and very lucrative collaborations, as well as the first beer festival of the year already looming on the horizon.

87 bottles of beer on the wall – a 2017 review

86 bottles of beer on the wall, 86 bottles of beer. Take one down and pass it around, 87 bottles of beer on the wall. There is literally no better way to sum up the way the Romanian craft beer scene has grown in 2017. Just when we thought we'd counted them all, a new brewery would pop up, or a new beer would be launched, constantly keeping us on our toes. So let's crack one open (we've got choice a plenty) and see what last year has been all about.

Summer treats & other news

Well, it’s been a long time since we wrote a blog post here at Beerologique, but we have a good excuse! With summer well and truly setting in, we decided now was a good time to do some vital global research. As a result, we’ve been away for the last month sampling beers old and new from the UK, Germany, Poland and of course, Romania. It was hard work – certainly not a holiday- but we felt someone had to do it!