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Location: Iași
Open since: September 2018
Head brewer: n/a


General Information

What would it be like if you mixed some malts, hops and ideas and brought out some new brews to the craft beer scene in Iași? This was precisely the plan behind the third brewery to open in the city. Fresh on the market, they debuted at the beginning of September, during the Festival of the Giraffes (coincidentally, also the first craft beer festival in the city). So far, their beers are mainly available on tap or in 500ml bottles in several pubs and bars around Iași, but you can also find them in several other locations around the country, or online, on Berero Store. Keep an eye out for more! 


  • Pilsner – 5.2% ABV
  • Weissbeer – 5.2% ABV
  • Pale Ale – 5.5% ABV
  • Red Ale – 5.1% ABV

Contract brewing:

  • 4 Trumpets – Pale Ale (brewed for the 4 year anniversary of The Trumpets pub) – 5.5% ABV

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