Fabrica de Bere Scorilo

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Location: Poiana Mărului, Caraș-Severin county
Open since: January 2020
Founder: Mihai Șomfelean

General information:

Situated in the idyllic village of Poiana Mărului, Fabrica de Bere Scorilo is a family run brewery operating since January 2020. Using ingredients from Austria, Germany and Slovenia, water from a nearby spring, as well as the expertise of Austrian brewmasters, they are currently producing one beer, a lager. The brewery itself contrasts the rustic scenery, and with a maximum yearly yield of 3000 hectoliters, we’re hoping to see them not only reach those figures, but also tackling new styles in the future.

Its name comes from the Dacian king Scorilo, and legend has it that, on the first day of spring, the sun hitting the nearby rock formation known as the Rock of Scorilo will lead the lucky ones to the old king’s treasure.

After their official launch at The Beer Institute in early February, in the late summer of 2020 Scorilo finally got their beers out into the world, and you can check out their list of locations over here. Their terrace in Poiana Mărului is also open to guests, and you’re invited to pay the brewery a visit directly, to get a couple bottles or so right from the source.


  • Blondă – Lager – 5% ABV
  • Arămie – IPA – 5% ABV

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Contact details:

Poiana Mărului, nr. 113, Caraș-Severin
Tel: 0771 566 700
Web: www.berescorilo.ro/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/berescorilo/