Bere Lapusna

DSC_0024 (2)Location: Ibăneşti Pădure, Mureş county
Open since: 2009
Head brewer: Matei Dumitru

General information:

The story of Lăpuşna doesn’t follow the usual pattern you see with most craft breweries on the market, mainly run by young brewers and entrepreneurs. The beer comes from a region with a long brewing tradition (the nearby town of Reghin was the birth place of the now macro-owned Silva beer). The head brewer himself is also not new to brewing endeavors, having dabbled in something similar back in 1991.

However, Lăpuşna as we know it nowadays saw its beginnings in 2009, when Matei Dumitru, a maths teacher, decided to trade the prospect of becoming a school inspector for brewing. Along with his son, they used an unearthed beer recipe as old as 1675 and, after tweaking it to suit modern tastes and compliances, went to town with it.

Everything about Lăpuşna is old school. From the beer itself, which is left to mature in the bottle for 70 days, to the fact that the brewery is set in their backyard, or the fact that it only brews two types of lager, one blond, one red, in accordance to what the vast majority of Romanian beer drinkers are used to. Up until 2017, getting your hands on the beer itself was a bit of an adventure if you lived outside the neighboring counties, as deliveries were sent off into the rest of the Romania with the same minivans that got commuters from place to place.

Some things have changed since, and while it is still unlikely you will stumble across the elusive Lăpuşna in your local bars, you can easily pick one up from Statia RomBeer in Bucharest, or Eco Zen Boutique in Sibiu. Or, if you’re a bit old school yourself, you can just give the brewer a call directly.


  • Lăpuşna Blondă – Blonde Lager
  • Lăpuşna Roşie – Amber Lager

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