Șapte Coline

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Location: Tomești, Iași county
Open since: 2005, closed in 2009
Reopened in: July 2018

It’s a well known fact that Rome was built on 7 hills, but the city of Iași also follows that pattern. So it was quite fitting that one of the recently opened breweries in the area chose to pay homage to that urbanistic detail, with the name it took.

The Șapte Coline brewery (which translates to ‘Seven Hills’) had its own share of ups and downs in the past. Although originally opened in 2005, the brewery encountered several production setbacks, and because they weren’t keen on compromise, they decided to close down the facility in 2009.

The name and the brand were not forgotten with the brewery closing down, so in July of 2018, they joined the industry once more, with a location in the nearby town of Tomești. Under the new branding of Șapte Premium, their 5 beers range took the local market in stride, and was quick to spread out across the country.

Available predominantly by 330ml bottles, you can get your hands on their beers in the following locations around Iași and Bucharest, as well as large supermarket chains across Romania.


  • Pils – 4.75% ABV
  • Triplu H – 4.75% ABV
  • Märzen – 5.75% ABV
  • Neagră – 6.5% ABV
  • Bere de Casă – 4.15% ABV
  • Elixir – India Pale Lager – 4.75% ABV
  • Hhazard – India Pale Lager – dry hopped – 4.75% ABV

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Web: https://saptecoline.ro/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaptePremium/
Email: office@saptecoline.ro