Bere Gloria / Bere cu Miere

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Location: Blaj, Alba county
Open since: December 2018
Head brewer: Valer Hasegan


The town of Blaj has also joined the Romanian craft beer scene, with its first brewery opening on the 1st of December, on the country’s national day. Situated on a hill overlooking the quaint town, the core theme of the brewery is the use of honey in all its recipes (up to 9%), which results in a unique flavour profile after fermentation.

With a small setup, allowing for a maximum of 150 hectolitres a year, their current range is contained to only two beers: a dark and a pale ale. In the past, we have been fortunate enough to try a sneak preview of one of their test batch of IPA at a Kutuma launch party at the beginning of May 2018. We found it a thoroughly enjoyable brew, so we’re hoping they will approach other styles in the future.

In February 2020, they underwent a rebranding, and changed their name from Bere cu Miere to Bere Gloria.

You can get your hands on this honey infused treat in plenty of locations across the country, or online, from Berero Store. Or if you’re out and about, keep an eye on their Facebook page, as they are often found at events taking place throughout the year.


  • Honey Pale Ale – 7.5% ABV
  • Honey Dark Ale – 7.3% ABV
  • American Amber Ale – 6% ABV
  • Honey Amber Ale – 6% ABV (limited edition release at the 2019 Craft Beer Revolution Festival

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