Mustața de Bere

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Location: Braşov
Open since: June 2018
Founders: Rareş Petre & Janos Csillag
Head Brewer: Maria Elena Montero Gonzalez
Output in 2019: 200 hectolitres


We got a whiff of this brewery and their moustached endeavours back in August 2017, and have kept an eye on them ever since. Yet it wasn’t until almost a year later that we finally saw them open the first craft brewery in the city of Braşov.

The story of the Beer Moustache (aptly named after the foamy effects of drinking a pint) is the tale of two school buddies who decided that sticking around in their native city was worthwhile, and decided to open their own business. After spending 6 months in Spain learning the ins and outs of brewing, Janos Csillag, one of the associates, returned to Braşov and, along with Rareş, they decided to take their passion for craft beer to the next level. They decided to give their brewery the name of ‘mustaţă’, as it is one of the oldest words in the Romanian language, and it showed their dedication to delivering a product that is both authentic, as well as deeply rooted in the country’s history.

They also plan on crafting an individualized beer for each of the neighborhoods of Braşov, and while their range is currently counting 3 beers, we’re hoping to see their plan come to fruition soon. In the meantime, it is worth mentioning that they are the only craft brewery in the country collaborating with local bakers to make spent grain bread. If you’re curious to see how it turned out, you can ask for a loaf or two at the Mons Mellis bakery.

Their 330ml bottles are usually available in bars and restaurants in Braşov, and slowly becoming available across the country. In the meantime, you can find them online, on Berero Store.


  • American IPA – 6.1% ABV
  • Bière de Garde (with orange peels & oats) – 7% ABV
  • Albă – Bière Blanche – 4.3% ABV
  • Blondă – Bohemian Pilsner – 4.9% ABV
  • Neagră – Stout – 5% ABV

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