One Beer Later

Location: Buzău
Open since: December 2017
Head brewer: François-Xavier D’Hollander


Beer can make many great ideas come alive and fall into place. It definitely seems to have helped the case of François, a French brewer who took a liking to the Romanian scene, and in 2017, opened his own brewery.

Set in the city of Buzău, where it has plenty of access to locally sourced Romanian malts, One Beer Later are still in their early days in terms of brewing endeavors and making a name for themselves on the market. With a repertoire consisting of an American Stout set to tantalize our taste buds late last year, and two IPAs on the way, we’re curious to see what great ideas will emerge from their fermenting vessels this year.

Their beers are currently available by 330ml bottle, in the following locations: check out their map.


  • Wooow – American Stout
  • Drink Different – American IPA 
  • Einstein Is Wrong – American Amber Ale