Rock & Beer

Location: Șuici, Argeș county
Open since: May 2020
Brewer: Lacureanu Octavian


Rock & Beer (or ‘Atelier de bere artizanală “ROCK”‘) is a small brewery in the Șuici commune, close to the municipality of Curtea de Argeș. They currently produce 4 beer styles, made in small, 80 liter batches. The beers are not yet widely available on the market, and you can only buy them straight from the producer.

More details coming soon!


  • Amarillo single hop Ale – 5% ABV
  • Cascade single hop Ale – 5% ABV
  • Arrogant – Irish Red Ale – 5% ABV
  • Vanilla Bourbon Stout – 8% ABV


This page was last updated May 16 2020.