10 Years Later: A Decade of Romanian Craft Brewing

This is the history of the first decade of craft brewing in Romania. It's told from the point of view of some of its key players, whether brewers, or people who gave a helping hand in bringing it to where it is today. It's nostalgia-tinted, uncensored, unapologetic, self-indulgent, corroborated by interviews and the recollections of … Continue reading 10 Years Later: A Decade of Romanian Craft Brewing

Summer treats & other news

Well, it’s been a long time since we wrote a blog post here at Beerologique, but we have a good excuse! With summer well and truly setting in, we decided now was a good time to do some vital global research. As a result, we’ve been away for the last month sampling beers old and new from the UK, Germany, Poland and of course, Romania. It was hard work – certainly not a holiday- but we felt someone had to do it!