The stunning town of Brașov is set high in the mountains, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. A popular tourist destination, it’s also become quite keen on stocking local craft beers as well.


Craft breweries

Technically speaking, there’s only one craft brewery in the city so far, the newly open Mustața de Bere. Though they have only been on the market for a very short while (only launched mid June 2018), they kicked off the brewing movement and interest in the city.

Craft Beer Bars and Shops


Though primarily a tea and coffee house with a gourmet brunch menu, this cozy nook in the center of the city has recently started stocking Romanian craft beers as well. It is also a thriving cultural hub, in spite of its size, playing host to a series of events such as live music nights, book releases, exhibitions and various tasting sessions.

The Liquor Store (Brașov)

Open 24/7 and stocking a wide range of Romanian craft beer by the bottle, the Liquor store is the perfect place to grab a tasty beer takeaway. Up to date with the latest releases, you’ll find a superb selection to satisfy any taste.