The stunning town of Brașov is set high in the mountains, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. A popular tourist destination, it’s sadly a bit of a craft beer desert at the moment.

Have no fear if you’re passing through however, there are a couple of places you can find some excellent Romanian Craft Beer in Brașov.


Craft Beer Bars and Shops in Brașov.


Jar is one of the first pubs in Brașov to start stocking Romanian craft beer, and seem to be setting trends in this stunning town. They have a range of bottles from across the country, and showcase the latest releases. Drop by on a Thursday, when they host their weekly craft beer lovers night.

The Liquor Store (Brașov)

Open 24/7 and stocking a wide range of Romanian craft beer by the bottle, the Liquor store is the perfect place to grab a tasty beer takeaway. Up to date with the latest releases, you’ll find a superb selection to satisfy any taste.