Clusa Brewery

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smallLocation: Cluj-Napoca
Open since: June 2020
Founders: Ciprian Nicolaescu and Lucian Știrban

General information:

The fifth and also newest addition to Cluj-Napoca’s craft beer scene, Clusa takes its moniker from the first name given to the city, and it aims to explore its hometown by giving us an insight into its history – with a beery twist. Founded by two friends, the brewery saw its debut in June of 2020, with a diverse range of five beers. They received an eager welcome, in part due to the quality of their beers, but also the fact that each label told the story of a key year in the city’s long existence. Starting from 1173, the year Cluj-Napoca first made an appearance in historic documents, to 1316, the year its iconic St. Michael’s church was built, to remembering the fallen heroes of the 1989 Revolution, each beer aims to take you on a journey through time.

In terms of size, Clusa currently use the largest pieces of equipment in the city, with a 1200 liter brewhouse, as well as five 2500 liter fermenting vessels. They’re surely likely to grow into these big shoes, but so far, it doesn’t seem like they’ve let size get to their heads. In fact, committed to supporting its hometown, Clusa Brewery has also pledged to donate a percentage of its beer sales to be used in aiding local charities.

You can currently find their beers on tap or by 330ml bottles in several locations around Cluj, as well as Bucharest and Brașov. Alternatively, you can also pick them up online, either from Berero Store, or straight from their website.


  • Clusa 1173 – Pale Ale with grapefruit – 4.8% ABV
  • Clusa 1316 – Cream Ale – 4.6% ABV
  • Clusa 1885 – Vienna Lager – 5% ABV
  • Clusa 1919 – Hell Lager – 5.4% ABV
  • Clusa 1989 – IPA – 6% ABV

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Contact details:

Str. Traian Vuia 124A, Cluj-Napoca
Tel: 0722 404 065