Bere Cazino

DSC_0236.pngLocation: Sibioara, Constanța county
Head brewer: Radu Chițu

General information:

Named after the iconic casino building in Constanța, Bere Cazino started producing beer commercially in June 2016. With over 20 years of experience in the brewing field, and after working in a Romania based Heineken subsidiary, the head brewer set off with one mission: to produce a beer that would make its way to its consumers within 24 hours after leaving their premises.

The story of the brewery goes back to 1992, when Radu decided to bring his brewing passion to fruition and open up a 200 hectoliters/year operation. Things went well for a while, yet with the emergence of macro breweries on the market in 1997, they were soon forced to shut down, and Radu went back to working for Heineken. It wasn’t until his retirement that he began to contemplate returning to his brewing days, and after 5 years of tinkering, him and his family decided to reinvent an old, local brand, and give Constanța the brewing tradition it was so thoroughly missing.

The brewery specializes in traditional lagers, with an ABV of around 5.2% – 6%, fermented for at least 21 days. It is worth mentioning that the head brewer has a different approach to beer, and while all of the beers presented in this database are unpasteurized and unfiltered, his fall in a special category. Which is only fair, after all, someone with so much brewing expertise can venture into all manner of experiments, such as using baked malts (instead of roasted) to give their beers colour, or using a rather unorthodox setup that mixes bits and bobs collected over a 20 years span.

Due to the old school bottling techniques, the brewer recommends that the beer is drank fresh, and that special attention must be paid to the ‘best before’ dates on the label, as the beer will only reveal its true flavor and potential within a maximum of 9 days after being bottled.

In December 2017, Cazino also joined in the national trend of brewing beer for Romanian bands, and are currently producing the Tari Ca Munții (Strong Like the Mountains) beer for the band Trooper. As for this year, their aim is to triple their sales, and reach a yearly output of 400 hectoliters.

The Bere Cazino brews are available by the bottle, draft or in plastic containers, bottled on site at their craft beer shop on Piața Tomis 3 street in Constanța. In recent months, their 330ml bottles have become increasingly available across the country, from specialized shops and bars to supermarket shelves.


  • Bere Cazino Craft Lager – 5.2% ABV
  • Bere Cazino Craft IPL – India Pale Lager – 5.2% ABV
  • Bere Cazino Browny – Hefeweiss Dunkel – 6% ABV

Seasonal/limited edition beers:

  • Tari ca Munții – IPL brewed for the band Trooper – 5.2% ABV
  • Berea lui Matei – brewed for the Pescăria lui Matei restaurant – 5.2% ABV

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