New Beers

There’s always a new Romanian craft beer out there, waiting for you to try it out. So here’s a list of the latest releases, both new labels and new batches, from the past 15 days, brought to you in collaboration with online shop Berero Store.



One Beer Later are finally taking on bottom-fermenting beers, starting off with their first lager. Rock ‘N’ Beer is a take on the good ol’ Bohemian lagers, with that typical malt-forward character, bready notes and a slight hoppy bitterness in the background.

Rock ‘N’ Beer – Czech Lager – 5% ABV

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Anagram Brewing return to the sunny realms of IPAs with Zen Den. A golden, medium bodied IPA, with an almost honey-like malt profile, and a double dose of dry hopping that results in a citrusy, elder flower aroma.

Zen Den – IPA – 6% ABV

Available here.




Wicked Barrel are also returning to lighter beers, this time with a brand new release. Razzle Dazzle is a Pale Ale that goes to show that simple is sometimes best. At 5.1% ABV and with a generous helping of Citra hops, it is a light, fragrant and very moreish brew.

Razzle Dazzle – Pale Ale – 5.1% ABV

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Following no new releases in April, it was about time Hop Hooligans launched a new beer. Featuring Anspach & Hobday, this juniper and lime Pale Ale is a fresh, zesty, low ABV beer that brings together the craftsmanship of two great breweries and intriguing ingredients.

Genevieve – Juniper & Lime Pale Ale – 5% ABV

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This month, one of Hop Hooligans’ best received beers is finally transitioning to can. Time is a hefty melange of chocolate, vanilla and cocoa nibs Imperial Stout, with an ABV to match.

Time – Imperial Stout – 11% ABV

Available by either:
Can: new batch
Bottle: aged for 1 year



After brewing the first beer in the Bereta Brewing Community program, Hopdrops are now a finally up and running, pursuing their gypsy brewing dreams. First off is a Imperial Stout with an interesting addition of Kveik. Boozy, roasty, with a dark chocolate bitterness.

Northern Raven – Imperial Stout – 10.5% ABV

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Bereta are taking a break from all their hazy IPAs and are treating us to a pastry stout. Diabeetus is everything the name promises and more: a 10.5% ABV Imperial Stout with pretty much everything you can find in a sweets shop: marshmallows, vanilla, cacao nibs, coconut, almond, walnut, chimney cakes, and lactose.

Diabeetus – Imperial Stout – 10.5% ABV

Treat yourself to one here.



Aaaaand that’s a wrap: the last beer from the Bereta Brewing Community is now available online. Featuring homebrewer Dan Grecu, this raspberry wheat beer is a fresh, fruity, hoppy, pink and very hazy concoction, and an excellent conclusion to a very well received brewing experiment.

BBC Dan Grecu collab – Raspberry Wheat – 6% ABV

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Carol Beer are returning this month with 2 new releases, as well as new labels. Starting off with a Red Ale, an accessible beer that features slightly roasted notes, as well as a toffee sweetness.

Red Ale – 5.5% ABV





Also from Carol Beer, we’re treated to a Pale Lager this month. Another easy drinking brew, crisp, with a light bitterness and a hint of tropical fruit from the hops in the background.

Pale Lager – 4.8% ABV





Batch 2 of Oriel Beer‘s Saison is finally out. This unique take on a traditional style has a higher ABV, as well as 3 types of hops and 3 types of malt. Packed with floral and citrusy notes, as well as spicy and slightly acidic undertones, it’s perfect for both a day out on the terrace, or aging for later.

Oriel Saison #2 – Saison – 7.2% ABV

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Cider should definitely get more press, especially when new flavours are in town. Clarks Cider have been tinkering with a ginger addition to their range for almost a year now, and the results are finally in: a wonderful mix of dry apple cider, with a fiery kick in the background.

Cider with ginger – 4.5% ABV

Available on both 330ml and 500ml bottles.



Say hello to the newest addition to the Romanian craft beer market: Mystic Mash join the scene with their first IPA, brewed at Three Happy Brewers. An easy drinking IPA, with citrusy notes, and a low ABV that makes it the perfect pair for lounging in on a terrace on a sultry, dog day.

Dog Days of Summer – IPA – 5% ABV

Stay cool, grab one here.



It has been an excruciatingly slow couple of weeks when it comes to new releases. Luckily, this new batch of Patriot’s Ale from Amistad will work a treat. This American pale wheat ale is dry hopped with both American and New Zealand hops, for a fruity bitterness that pairs well with the wheat.

The Patriot’s Ale – American Pale Wheat – 7% ABV

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This page was last updated May 22 2019.