New Beers

There’s always a new Romanian craft beer out there, waiting for you to try it out. So here’s a list of the latest releases, both new labels and new batches, from the past 15 days, brought to you in collaboration with online shop Berero Store.



After 1 year of being on the market, Patos Beer are finally delivering a new brew. This time it’s an Amber Ale, with caramel notes from the malt, and a subtle bitterness from the Centennial, Amarillo & Galaxy hops.

Amber Ale – 5% ABV

Check it out. 




Always tackling new styles, White Collar Brewing are treating us to the first Imperial Pilsner brewed in the country. Crisp and light bodied like regular pilsners, it also has a more defined bitterness from the hops, a pronounced malt character, with a well hidden 7% ABV.

Imperial Pilsner – 7% ABV

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Bromances are a wonderful thing, and nobody does bromance like Hop Hooligans and Bereta. Both breweries also craft excellent IPAs, so the latest batch of Nutbusters is everything you remembered & more: a double dry-hopped flavour bomb, with heaps of coconut, vanilla, & lactose.

Nutbusters – Coconut Vanilla Milkshake IPA – 6.7% ABV

Bust a nut over here.



To celebrate their upcoming 2 year anniversary, as well as certain political developments in the country, Capra Noastră have released 3 new beers. First one is a White Chocolate Stout, which features cocoa, coconut, vanilla, as well as an intriguing endive & ginger addition.

Ursul Păcălit De Capră – White Chocolate Stout – 7.5% ABV

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Second in line from Capra Noastră is a White IPA, an elusive style that combines the hoppy character of an American IPA with the spicy, wheat-based notes of a Belgian Wit. Featuring 5 types of malt, 5 types of hops, 2 yeast strains, as well as coriander and honey.

Capra Cu 2 Bani – White IPA – 5.5% ABV

Available here.



And last from the list of Capra Noastră releases, we have something on the (somewhat) more familiar side: a coffee stout, with 4 types of malt, 2 types of roasted malt, 2 types of caramel malt, 3 types of hops, 2 types of yeast, coffee beans and chicory.

Capra Cu 3 Nurori – Coffee Porter – 7% ABV

Try one here.



One Beer Later are finally taking on bottom-fermenting beers, starting off with their first lager. Rock ‘N’ Beer is a take on the good ol’ Bohemian lagers, with that typical malt-forward character, bready notes and a slight hoppy bitterness in the background.

Rock ‘N’ Beer – Czech Lager – 5% ABV

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Anagram Brewing return to the sunny realms of IPAs with Zen Den. A golden, medium bodied IPA, with an almost honey-like malt profile, and a double dose of dry hopping that results in a citrusy, elder flower aroma.

Zen Den – IPA – 6% ABV

Available here.




Wicked Barrel are also returning to lighter beers, this time with a brand new release. Razzle Dazzle is a Pale Ale that goes to show that simple is sometimes best. At 5.1% ABV and with a generous helping of Citra hops, it is a light, fragrant and very moreish brew.

Razzle Dazzle – Pale Ale – 5.1% ABV

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This page was last updated June 4 2019.